Over-guarantee, Indipendent Service of NAS-s (network attached storages).

Dear Costumer,

NAS service    On-site-repair can only be  done in reasoned cases, therefore please bring your defective device to our store which can be found under this address: Érd, Páva utca 19/a, H-2030, Hungary (map). You can bring it personally, post it or send it by delivery services as well. If you would like to post it or let it be delivered please download and fill in the Error Reporting Form.

Download Error reporting form


After the arrival of the device we create an order form and give the reception sheet to the Costumer. If you post or send the device by delivery service the delivery note is the proof of acceptence. Before the repairing, we make a price offer and send it to your given contacts.

NAS repair

  After the confirmation we start the repairing and send a notification when it is finished. The repaired device will be sent back in that way which was indicated on the order form (personally or send as a package). If you would like to receive it personally please take the reception sheet/ delivery note with you. If you lost these verifications please inform our service under the given telephone number as soon as posseble, because we can not take anyresponsibility for such inconvinience or a demage caused by third persons. The repaired device can be stored for free for 30 days. After this deadline a storage fee amounting to 1 €+VAT/day will be charged.

  Our service undertakes limited warranty for every repairing, which extands on one hand for the service (repairing warranty), on the other hand for the spare parts that have been built in the device. The spare part’s warranty depends on the supplier’s warranty. The warranty period can be 1, 3, 6 months depending on the costs of the repairing. We constantly improve our knowledge (still with 20 years of repairing experience) in order to provide our costumers a high quaility service.

Price list
(valid from 2015.01.01. till withdrawal)
NAS Mainboard repairing ( up to 4 bay NAS.)
(the repairing doesn’t contain the price of the fixed components. The larger devices added to a custom quote)
NAS Power supply repairing (the repairing doesn’t contain the price of the fixed components) 6900Ft
NAS System Update and Installation (hourly fee) 6200Ft
NAS System Recovery 10500Ft
Data-moving (/1TB) 7000Ft
Testing and Reporting 9000Ft
Testing (without repairing) 4500Ft


On-Site service (HW/SW) (Hungary)
(valid from 2015.01.01. till withdrawal)
Drop-off fee Budapest (Contains 1 hour repairing) 7600Ft
Drop-off fee Countryside (Contains 1 hour repairing) 7600Ft + 38Ft/Km
Repairing hourly fee (/commenced hour) 6300Ft


On-Site service (HW/SW) (Abroad)
Get in touch with us and ask for a price proposition.
The list above shows gross prices which contain the Value Added Tax.
The prices aren’t considered as an offer, the costs of the service can differ at individual cases.
Dear Costumer,

Before the commence of the repairing, we usually give verbal price proposition if it’s possible. It is free, but during the repairing process the negotiated price can be changed. If the detecting of the error could not be executed without instrumental testing then it has an extra price, because the repairing requires special equipment, workforce, work place and expertise. This price can be found in the actual price list. After the instrumental testing and the price proposition Costumers can decide whether or not to ask for further services. If the Costumer orders the repairing after the testing, the price of the instrumental testing will be included in the price of the repairing. If the repairing is not needed, only the testing price has to be payed. The price proposition is valid for 30 days. During this time Costumers who first refused the repairing can change their mind and still order the repair for that price. In this case we can put a sum to Costumers credit concerning the price proposition. The condition for re-accepting of repairing is that no third person has not yet conducted any servicing on the device in this period.
After the repairing our company provides 1, 3, 6 months guarantee for the service and supplier-dependent warranty for the replaced spare-parts.

Thank you for your understanding
The Management of the