Price list
(valid from 2018.07.01. till withdrawal)
NAS Mainboard repairing (up to 3 bay NAS)
(The repairing doesn’t contain the price of the fixed components. We give for the larger devices to a custom quote)
€ 35
NAS Mainboard repairing (from 4 bay NAS)
(The repairing doesn’t contain the price of the fixed components. We give for the larger devices to a custom quote)
NAS Power supply repairing (the repairing doesn’t contains the price of the fixed components) € 30
NAS System Update and Installation (hourly fee) € 28
NAS system diagnostics, software debugging (hourly fee) € 28
Raid array repair and data recovery from €130
Data-moving (/1TB) € 24
Testing and Test Report € 30
Testing (without repairing) € 15


Site service (HW/SW) (Hungary)
(valid from 2018.07.01. till withdrawal)
Drop-off fee Budapest (Contains 1 hour repairing) € 28
Drop-off fee Countryside (Contains 1 hour repairing) € 28 + € 0,5 / Km
Repairing hourly fee (/commenced hour) € 25


Site service (HW/SW) (Abroad)
Get in touch with us and ask a price proposition.
The list above shows gross prices which contain the Value Added Tax.
The prices aren’t considered as an offer, the costs of the service can differ at individual cases.
Dear Costumer,

Before the commence of the repairing, we usually give verbal price proposition if it’s possible. It is free, but during the repairing process the negotiated price can be changed. If the detecting of the error could not be executed without instrumental testing then it has a price, because the repairing requires special equipments, workforce, work place and expertise. This price can be found in the actual price list. After the instrumental testing and the price proposition Costumers can decide wheter or not to ask further services. If the Costumer would ask the repairing, the price of the instrumental testing will be included in the price of the repairing. If the repairing is not needed, only the testing price has to be payed. The price proposition is valid for 30 days. During this time Costumers who refuse the repairing can change their decision. In this case we can put a sum to Costumers credit concerning the price proposition. Furthermore, the condition of the re-acceptance of the repairing is that other third person doesn’t conducted servicing on the device in this period.  
After the repairing our company provides 1, 3, 6 months guarantee for the service and supplier-dependent warranty for the fixed components.

Thank you for your understanding
The Management of the