About us

Our company’s roots date back to 1998. The first form of the enterprise, called Consol és Hifi BT. occupied with the repairing of entertaining electronic devices. To keep up with the costumers interest and needs and to expand the scope of activities, our second form, the Konzol és Média Elektronikai Kft. was founded in June 2012. Our main activity is still the repairing, but beside this we also deal with sale, engineering and manufacturing of electronics.

By now we create brands for the main activities. While the engineering and manufacturing of special electronics is done under the company’s name, the store and service for video games is working under the brand Konzol Doktor. After 2006, when we started to aquaint with mediaplayers and network storages we funded the second brand, the Média Doktor.

In 2015, the NAS Service has been separated from the Média Doktor and was started individually run as the service for network storages. This brand offers maintenance, installing services and consultation for the costumers, furthermore our website serves the latest news about the network storage market which is hopefully beneficial.

Our service is fast, professional and well-prepared. We are constantly developing our knowledge and technique to satisfy our costumers and to comply with the actual electrical market’s requirements.

Our team is like a family: the number of employees was always low, the atmosphere is warm and informal and we are honestly proud of our colleagues. Maybe this is why the employees in our company rarely change.

Company name: Network Media Hungary Kft.
Location:  Érd, Páva utca 19/a, H-2030, Hungary
TAX number: HU23969557
Company register number: CG.13-09-180095

email: info@nas-szerviz.hu
mobile : +36-20-20-55-149